“I always remember this great response of an English professor. The freshman asked, how long should the term paper be? And he said, “Like a lady’s skirt, long enough to cover the subject, short enough to be interesting.””

A girl on a scooter, New York City, 1965.

SAM and SUZYhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/mattmims/7434163438/
based on the characters from Wes Anderson’s film - MOONRISE KINGDOM
hand drawn colored digitallyPRINTS NOW AVAILABLE HERE:http://society6.com/MattMims/SAM-and-SUZY_Print 

I own this and love it.
Dr. Who reference I came across in an old Danger Mouse comic.

‘Batman’ - 1960s TV series postcard

Lady Wrangler fashions in Teen magazine, March 1968.

Burt Ward as Robin, Boy Wonder in ‘Batman’ (TV series)

Renaming my book Charlie, just so I can scream this at her.

(Lora Zombie)

Girl with a Pearl Earring Selfie

The Vermeer mashup represents one of the internet’s many mysteries, and highlights some of the problems current and future researchers face when aiming to determine points of origin for creative works expressed on the internet and uploaded as an image file.
The earliest reference to this piece I could find was March 5 2012, posted at the Clumsy Odd Stubborn Tumblr.[12] This post does not identify a source, nor the artist responsible. Later postings at other sites identified the artist as Mitchell Grafton, though with no link the artist’s site or original post source. The image achieved widespread exposure when it was posted by pioneer blogger Jason Kottke on October 18 2012.[13] Kottke clarifies that he has been unable establish an “airtight” source or attribution for this image.

(via Three Pipe Problem: Alteration and invention - Raphael, Vermeer and the mashup)